BIAW. Homes start here. We are the people who build, remodel and maintain homes. We create jobs, economic opportunity and strong communities. As one of the largest home building associations in America, BIAW champions the rights of our members and fights for affordable homeownership at all levels of government. We provide award-winning education that builds and supports a strong workforce in the trades. Our relationships with community leaders foster housing opportunities for everyone.

We strengthen our members by offering employee health care plans and the state’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program (ROII). We give a voice to thousands of builders, remodelers, skilled trades professionals and their associates who help Washington families enjoy the American dream of owning a home.


Joseph Irons


Gary Wray

First Vice President

Ryan Moore

Second Vice President

Jay Roberts


Luellen Smith


Tracy Doriot

Imm. Past President


Al Audette

Education and Workforce Development Director

(360) 352-7800 ext. 105

Alan Gruse

ROII Litigation and Investigations Manager

(360) 352-7800 ext. 144


BIAW is the voice of the housing industry and the state’s largest trade association. We are dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the vitality of the building industry for the benefit of members and the housing needs of citizens.

We represent our home building members to promote pro-housing and pro-business interests and serve our members through government affairs, legal support, continuing education, codes and regulations, ROII( BIAW’s retro workers’ comp program), health insurance and more.

BIAW is an exciting and challenging place to work with opportunities for advancement and professional development.


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